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  • Beat Your Competitors


    Welcome To iLive Marketing

    Visitors need to find what they are looking for directly, and live marketing technology have proven to be the best online call-to-action tool. increase inter-activeness with your visitors.

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    LIVE MARKETING installation does not require and modifications to your existing website.

  • Live Marketing Email


    Video Email Why?

    Live Marketing Email is proud to present the most innovative way on the Internet today, to send advertisement business emails. Live Video emails allow you to make your email message so much more personal and memorable.

Why send boring emails when you can send an attractive Live video email with your own personal message?

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    Everyone knows that video is the way of the future for the Internet.

  • Video Advertisement


    Turn your visitors into clients!

    By combining our technology with fresh ideas cooked up by our experienced creative team, you keep your visitors on your webpages longer and incite them to purchase your products or services. At the very least, they will come back for more information.

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    Standard forms of ads are very often ignored by site visitors.

Live Marketing is now compatible with iPhone & iPad..

Unlike other marketing methods, Online Internet Live Marketing consistently produce incomparably better results, higher click-through rates and better Google rating. Live MARKETING can make your site proactive and dynamic. You can have higher click-rates, more visitors on website and better ratings on the Internet. Not only the numbers of visitors or click rates wil increase, your visitors will feel as if the live model is addressing them directly and with personally. Than they are invited to act and explore your website and its offer, more efficiantly than with any other form of advertising.